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Colleen Blush

Photo Credit to Lacey Beldock, Sheer Lace Photography


​Photography has given me the opportunity to show the world who I am, as much as it has served as a tool for me to show the world who they can be. It allows me to explore and push boundaries, all while showing my viewers the way that I see things. I love taking pictures of everything; from the bright and happy to the dark and ugly. There’s a strange beauty in everything, and I use my camera as a tool to capture it in a way that is uniquely me.


As an artist I have always believed that there has been a major disconnect with people and their surroundings. Life gets too busy, and we forget to take in the beauty of our surroundings no matter how bright or dark they are. To me there is something magical about simple things. The tradition of a people, the way that a smell can remind you of somewhere you were 15 years ago, or something as simple as the way you feel when you touch something soft. Photography has given me a way to capture those moments as they happen. 


I like my work to reflect not only on me as a photographer, but I want to see reaction from my viewers as well. We are a world built on contact and emotion, I’m happy that I have found a passion that I can use to help bring that back.  My current body of work explores boudoir photography and the human form. I have always been obsessed with history. I love the unique style of different eras and this technique has allowed me to experiment with light and color in a way that I would have never thought to do with my other photography. It has forced me as an artist to be more versatile and it has inspired my models to be more comfortable with who they are. 

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